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Finance Minor

The Finance minor is designed to prepare students for careers in investment services, banking, and corporate finance. The curriculum in the minor, when combined with a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics provides most of the content needed for the CFA Level One exam. In addition to the Finance coursework, students can get involved with the Student Managed Investment Fund and obtain invaluable hands-on experience guided by professionals and the opportunity to earn additional academic credit.

 Open to Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics majors only. Students applying for the Finance minor must have been admitted to the School of Business.

Total Credits Required to Complete Minor: 21

Basic Requirements: (15 Credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
FNCE 311 - Managerial Finance Credit(s): 3
FNCE 313 - Security Valuation and Analysis Credit(s): 3


ACCT 301 - Intermediate Financial Accounting I or Credit(s): 3
ECON 210 - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Credit(s): 3


ACCT 302 - Intermediate Financial Accounting II or Credit(s): 3
ECON 212 - Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory Credit(s): 3


ECON 307 - Econometrics or Credit(s): 3
FNCE 315 - Financial Statement Analysis Credit(s): 3

Choose two electives from: (6 credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
FNCE 312 - Advanced Managerial Finance Credit(s): 3
FNCE 316 - International Finance Credit(s): 3
FNCE 325 - Money and Financial Intermediation Credit(s): 3
FNCE 395 - Internship/Seminar Credit(s): 1-15


Students pursuing a B.A. in Economics must select ACCT 301 and ACCT 302 to fulfill the Finance minor requirements.

Students should note of all related MATH, ACCT, ECON, FNCE and MGMT pre-requisites for the Finance minor requirements.