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Management Minor

The Management minor is designed to prepare students for careers in management and human resources. In-depth study and application provide the knowledge and skills needed to plan, organize, monitor and lead in organizational settings large and small.

Open to Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics majors only. Students applying to the Management minor must have been admitted to the School of Business. Students majoring in Business Administration may not count any of the courses taken for the Management minor toward the Business Administration major electives.

Total Credits Required to Complete Minor: 18

Basic Requirements: (12 Credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MGMT 263 - Business Law I Credit(s): 3
MGMT 300 - Organizational Behavior Credit(s): 3
MGMT 346 - Human Resource Management Credit(s): 3
MGMT 370 - International Business Credit(s): 3

*Choose two electives from: (6 Credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MGMT 347 - Special Topics in Personnel and Human Resources Credit(s): 3
MGMT 360 - Labor Relations Credit(s): 3
MGMT 363 - Employment Law Credit(s):
MGMT 364 - Cyber Law Credit(s):

MGMT 395 - Internship/Seminar Credit(s): 3

INTD 325 - Entrepreneurship: Commercial Ideation Credit(s): 3
INTD 425 - Entrepreneurship: Idea2Venture Credit(s): 3


*Electives cannot be used as Business Administration Major electives