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Human Resources Management Minor

This minor provides students with knowledge and skills that can help them be an effective people manager as well as understand how it provides support for business planning and decision making. Students with a major and career interest in other areas (e.g. accounting, marketing, finance, economics, psychology, communication) should view this minor as an opportunity to grow their understanding for and appreciation of the value that HR brings to organizations - which will give students the edge they may need to do well in their job search after college. Students interested in a career in the HRM field should view this minor as an opportunity to be well prepared for entry-level HR jobs and are strongly encouraged to get involved in the Geneseo student chapter of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management - affiliated with the national professional SHRM chapter headquartered in Alexandra, VA). This minor is open to Geneseo students in both the School of Business and across campus, i.e. non-business majors are welcome. All students in this minor must complete 18 credit hours by meeting the following requirements:

Total Credits Required to Complete Minor: 18

Basic Requirements: (12 Credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed
PHIL 237 - Ethical Issues in Business Credit(s): 3
MGMT 263 - Business Law I Credit(s): 3
MGMT 300 - Organizational Behavior Credit(s): 3
MGMT 346 - Human Resource Management Credit(s): 3

Elective Requirement: (6 Credits)

Course NameCredit(s):Term TakenGradeGen Ed

Choose 1-2 courses from the list below: (3-6 Credits)

MGMT 363 - Employment Law Credit(s):
MGMT 348 - Discrimination and the Law Credit(s): 3
MGMT 360 - Labor Relations Credit(s): 3

XXXX 395 HR Internship (May be taken under a business prefix or a prefix in another major; must receive prior approval from the Director of Student Services in the School of Business)

MGMT 347 - Special Topics in Personnel and Human Resources Credit(s): 3

You may choose 0-1 courses from the list below: (0-3 Credits)

PSYC 265 - Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology Credit(s): 3
COMN 317 - Culture and Communication Credit(s): 4
COMN 346 - Conflict and Relational Communication Credit(s): 4
COMN 379 - Communication in Career Preparation Credit(s): 4
PSYC 452 - Advanced Research in Psychology: (subtitle) (only available to psychology majors) Credit(s): 3