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2022-2023 Guide to Graduate Studies 
2022-2023 Guide to Graduate Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Additional Information for New Students


Geneseo I.D. Cards

In order to receive your Geneseo I.D. card, you must have already registered for your first semester courses. Bring a print-out of your class schedule along with your driver’s license to: Campus Auxiliary Services in Blake A 108. You can print a copy of your course schedule directly from Knightweb. When you are in the office, you will have your picture taken and receive your I.D. card. There is a fee to replace a lost card.


Campus Correspondence

As a graduate student, you will not have an on-campus mailbox. All mailings will be sent directly to your off-campus/permanent mailing address. E-mail is the primary means of communication between faculty, staff, and students. Your Geneseo e-mail address is listed on Knightweb under the Personal Information Menu.


Parking Permits

If you will be driving to and parking on campus while taking classes, you must have a parking permit and park in the commuter parking lots. In order to obtain a parking permit, visit the Parking Services website at http://www.geneseo.edu/pts.



From the my.geneseo.edu portal, you can access your email account, your academic records, and your financial balances. You can customize your page with links to your favorite websites and other customization options.



A transcript reflects the results of courses in which the student was registered at the College. In addition, when applicable, they indicate either the date of graduation and the degree conferred or the date of withdrawal or dismissal. Students may request official transcripts of their permanent records by contacting the Registrar’s Office in Erwin 102 or visiting http://www.geneseo.edu/registrar/transcript-information.