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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Minors

An academic minor is a structured sequence of courses totaling a minimum of 18 credits. A departmental minor may require a maximum of 24 credits; an interdisciplinary minor carries a maximum of 29 credits. A student must complete all courses required for the minor with a grade point average of at least 2.00, although a higher standard will apply when it is specifically stated in the requirements of a minor. Unless otherwise noted, each department or program that offers a major may offer one minor.

To declare a minor, a student must complete a form available in the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising Erwin 106, and obtain approval from the department chair (for a departmental minor) or from the coordinator (for an interdisciplinary minor). Completion of up to two academic minors is noted on a student’s transcript, provided that all other requirements for a baccalaureate degree have been successfully completed.