May 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Conflict Studies Minor

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Carly Herold, Coordinator (Welles Hall 105B​)

This minor is intended for students entering careers or graduate programs related to conflict resolution, conflict management, and peace. Both interpersonal and intergroup conflict are important, and can include but are not limited to conflict related to business, education, families, friendships, group membership, politics, the judicial system, and other arenas. Students should emerge from the minor with a broad understanding of the causes of conflict and of the management of conflict. Students should also emerge with more in-depth knowledge in one particular area of conflict management.

Total Credits Required to Complete Minor: 21

I. Basic Requirements: (3 Credits)

II. Concentration Requirements: (9 Credits)

Students should select one of the following tracks designed to familiarize them with a specific area of conflict management.:

Concentration Descriptions:

*Students need to complete prerequisites for courses marked with asterisks below.

A. Global Perspectives on Conflict:

This track is designed to give students a global or international and cross-cultural perspective on why conflict occurs, how conflict is resolved, and the consequences of conflict on a large scale.

B. Power Issues and Conflict:

This track provides a psychological, political and legal exploration of conflict emerging from the use and abuse of power between and among people and various social systems. Inequality courses examine inequality, oppression, and conflict stimulated by majority-dominated structures.

C. Applied Conflict Management:

This track is designed for students who wish to become more proficient in the practice of conflict management and resolution techniques in various social settings.

III. Electives: (9 Credits)

In addition to three courses in the area of concentration, students must complete, one course from each of the other three concentration tracks in this minor.


Each course may apply only once to the minor.
At least 9 credits must be unique to the minor.
Students must take courses from at least three different prefixes, including at least two different prefixes within their chosen Concentration.
Students must apply a minimum of two 300-level courses, and may apply maximum two 100-level courses, toward the minor.

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