Jul 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

International Relations Minor: War and Peace Studies, Track

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This minor provides the interested student the opportunity to gain a substantive and analytical background in foreign affairs. The program affords the student the opportunity to study the significant domestic and international factors affecting relations among countries with particular emphasis on the political and economic dimensions of these relations and their implications for American policy in the world. The program provides both the fundamental background in international relations and the chance for students to specialize in an area. Opportunities for participation in Model United Nations, study abroad, and Washington internships in the area of international relations may be available to qualified students.

Successful completion of the program prepares students for career possibilities in the Federal foreign affairs and defense community, international business, or related areas. The program would also prepare students for graduate study in international relations, business, or area studies.

Total Credits Required to Complete Minor: 21-41

Basic Requirements: (9 Credits)

Related Requirements: (0-16 Credits)

Foreign language through the first intermediate level or its equivalent is required.
The foreign language requirement may be satisfied by one of the following:

  1. satisfactory completion of course work in a single language through the 213-level;* (including meeting this requirement through high school years or placement testing)** or
  2. satisfactory completion of course work in one foreign language through the 102 level (including meeting this requirement through high school years or placement testing) AND completion of coursework in a second foreign language through the 102 level.

* Geneseo regularly offers Spanish, French, and German through the 213 level each year. Other languages are offered through the 213 level when demand is sufficient. Consult Department of Global Languages and Cultures listings. Additional advanced foreign language study, whether at Geneseo or overseas, is strongly encouraged for International Relations majors.

** Students who place into a 300 level language through a placement exam have met the requirement.

War and Peace Studies Track


Note that many upper division track courses have prerequisites other than the basic requirements. Students should plan their schedules accordingly to ensure that they meet any relevant prerequisites.

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