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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Baccalaureate Degree Programs

Students matriculated at Geneseo who satisfy all graduation requirements and requirements of their academic majors are eligible for a Bachelor of Arts degree, Bachelor of Science degree, or Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Each degree program has a HEGIS code which indicates how the program is listed on the Inventory of Registered Degree and Certificate Programs maintained by the New York State Education Department. All major programs at Geneseo are registered; thus, students may pursue any Geneseo major without jeopardizing eligibility for student aid awards.

The following inventory lists the College’s academic majors, majors for which teaching and/or other certification is available, other program titles, degrees awarded, and the corresponding HEGIS code.

Academic Major HEGIS Code Degree
Accounting 0502.00 BS
American Studies 0313.00 BA
Anthropology 2202.00 BA
Applied Math 1703.00 BS
Applied Physics 1902.00 BS
Art History 1003.00 BA
Biochemistry 0414.00 BS
Biology 0401.00 BA/BS
Biology, Adolescence Ed: Biology and General Science 0401.01 BA
Biophysics 0415.00 BS
Black Studies 2211.00 BA
Business Admin. 0506.00 BS
Chemistry 1905.00 BA
Chemistry (American Chemical Society accredited) 1905.00 BS
Chemistry, Adolescence Ed: Chemistry and General Science 1905.01 BA
Childhood Education & Special Education 0808.00 BSEd
Communication 0601.00 BA
Comparative Literature 1503.00 BA
Early Childhood & Childhood Education 0802.00 BSEd
Economics 2204.00 BA
English 1501.00 BA
English, Adolescence Ed: English 1501.01 BA
French 1102.00 BA
French, Adolescence Ed: French 1102.01 BA
Geochemistry 1915.00 BA
Geography 2206.00 BA
Geological Sciences 1914.00 BA
Geological Sciences, Adolescence Ed: Earth Sci and Gen Sci 1917.01 BA
Geophysics 1916.00 BA
History 2205.00 BA
History, Adolescence Ed: Social Studies 2201.01 BA
Individualized Studies 4901.00 BA
Individualized Studies 4901.00 BS
International Relations 2210.00 BA
Mathematics 1701.00 BA
Mathematics 1701.00 BS
Mathematics, Adolescence Ed: Mathematics 1701.01 BA
Music 1005.00 BA
Musical Theatre 1004.00 BA
Musical Theatre 1004.00 BPS
Neuroscience 0425.00 BS
Philosophy 1509.00 BA
Physics 1902.00 BA
Physics, Adolescence Ed: Physics and Gen Science 1902.01 BA
Political Science 2207.00 BA
Psychology 2001.00 BA
Sociology 2208.00 BA
Sociomedical Sciences 2299.00 BA
Spanish 1105.00 BA
Spanish, Adolescence Ed: Spanish 1105.01 BA
Sustainability 4901.00 BA
Theatre 1007.00 BA
Theatre & English 1099.00 BA
Women’s and Gender Studies 4903.00 BA