Nov 29, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Musical Theatre, B.P.S.

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The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Musical Theatre is a pre-professional degree in music, theatre, and dance, with an emphasis on the essential integration of these elements. Our faculty creates an environment where aspiring musical theatre artists can begin a career and where powerful transformational experiences occur.

While we intend to generate young artists who can sing, dance, and act with technical ease and facility, a liberal arts-based education becomes a necessary tool for a performer. Critical, analytical, and independent thinking are essential qualities as they serve as the foundation of creative work. Also, a small class size is crucial so the individual attention from the faculty can be maintained as well as the monitoring of our students’ growth vocally, physically, and intellectually.

At Geneseo, students learn to work in ways that contribute positively to our art form, ccollaborating with fellow artists, and fostering a lasting appreciation for, and life in, the performing arts.

Program Outcomes

General Education Requirements (30-46 Credits)

Prerequisite coursework may be required to satisfy certain General Education courses and will count as elective credit.

Total Credits Required to Complete Major: 80

Basic Requirements: (80 Credits)

Additional Requirements:

Meeting the following requirements and the Minimum Competence Requirement (stated below) are prerequisite to continuance in the Major.

1. Participation in the Weekly Voice Seminar.
2. Participation in music department-sponsored musical theatre productions each semester in the major.
3. Jury examination each semester in MUSC 151-451. ​
4. Performance each semester in the major in a Friday afternoon recital or in some other public, faculty-sponsored event approved by the principal instructor, Coordinator of Musical Theatre and the Coordinator of Vocal Studies.


Minimum Competence Requirement:

A grade of C- or better is required for each required course.

Department Writing Requirement

All musical theatre majors write in all courses except MUSC 160, but the style and content of the writing varies widely, based upon the course topic. Examples include journals, concept statements,production analyses, character analyses, musical analyses, and traditional research papers, such as one might find in typical courses in the liberal arts

Outline/Advising Guide

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Spring Even Year (17 Credit Hours)

Fourth Year

Fall Even Year (13 Credit Hours)

Spring Odd Year (12 Credit Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 120

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