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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Professional Advisory Programs

Several pre-professional advisory programs are available for students who intend to pursue careers in various professions, including business administration, engineering, optometry, dental science, law, medicine, and theological studies. Interested students should consult with the coordinators of these specific programs early in their college careers. For students interested in advisement pertaining to other professional areas, students may inquire at the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising.

Preparation for Engineering

(Five-Year 3-2 Programs)

To meet the needs of students whose goal is to combine a liberal arts and science education with one in engineering, the College has negotiated cooperative arrangements with several institutions.

Qualified students may pursue a program of study during which the first three years are spent at the College and the last two years are at one of the cooperating institutions. At Geneseo, these students major in chemistry, or physics. After successfully completing the total five-year program, they are awarded a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Geneseo and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from one of the cooperating institutions. Application for admission to an engineering department at one of the cooperating institutions should be made toward the beginning of the junior year. Students’ admission to one of the institutions depends on their grade point averages, recommendations by the faculty, and formal acceptance by one of the cooperating institutions. Available majors at the cooperating institutions include, for example, aerospace, ceramic, chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, or nuclear engineering and engineering science. Further information relating to this 3-2 program may be found in this bulletin in the program descriptions for Chemistry, and Physics or can be obtained by contacting Dr. Ed Pogozelski (pogo@geneseo.edu) for a list of engineering schools with which SUNY Geneseo has a 3-2 articulation agreements.

Preparation for the Doctor of Optometry Degree

(Seven-Year 3-4 Program)

To meet the needs of students whose goal is to combine a liberal arts and science education with a degree in Optometry, the College has negotiated a cooperative arrangement with SUNY College of Optometry. Qualified students attend Geneseo for three years and then attend the professional program at SUNY Optometry for four years. At Geneseo, the students major in biology B.S. program. For further information refer to the Biology department program description  in this bulletin.

Pre-Law Advisory Program

Students who intend to pursue a career in law should develop basic skills and insights fundamental to the attainment of legal competence. The pre-law program should include content in reading comprehension and effective expression in words; critical understanding of the social, political, and economic institutions and values with which the law deals; and experience in critical and logical analysis. The development of these capacities is not the monopoly of any one discipline or department. A broad background in humanities, social sciences, and communication studies will help students develop the abilities to think for themselves and to express thoughts with lucidity, economy, and direction. (Several minors are available that complement a pre-law curriculum.)

The pre-law advisory program provides guidance on the law school application process and appropriate law school selection. Resources on law schools and the LSAT are available for student use. Programs feature speakers from law schools and the legal profession. For further information about the pre-law advisory program, students should contact the college Pre-Law Advisors, Graham Drake (drake@geneseo.edu), English Department, Welles 217A; or James Quinn, (quinn@geneseo.edu), School of Business, South 312. More information is available at www.geneseo.edu/prelaw.

Pre-Medical Advisory Program

There is no required major for students who intend to pursue a medical degree after completing the baccalaureate program; students are advised to select a major in the area in which they have the greatest interest. To apply to most medical schools students need to take basic courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology and English. The Premedical Advisory Committee, which includes faculty members representing the social sciences and the natural sciences, advises pre-medical students throughout their four years of study and suggests appropriate course sequences and timing. The Committee also suggests and encourages a variety of academic and non-academic activities that will enhance applications to medical schools, keeps students aware of test dates and application requirements, sponsors seminars related to medical studies, and fosters interaction among students in all phases of the pre-med process. For further information or to seek advisement, students should consult with the program coordinator.

Cooperative Agreement with SUNY Upstate Medical University

Geneseo has established an agreement with Upstate Medical University for their Physical Therapy program.

  • 3+3 program leading to a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

Requirements and additional information are available through Christie Smith in the Department of Admissions at Geneseo at 585-245-5571.

Pre-Theological Studies

Students who intend to pursue post-baccalaureate theological studies are advised to obtain a broad undergraduate background, with special emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. The following courses are suggested as potentially beneficial for the pre-theological student:

ANTH 360 - Myths and Folktales of Native Americans  
ANTH 301 - M/Religion, Society, and Culture   
HIST 291 - M/The Islamic World: 600-1800   
HIST 292 - M/The Modern Islamic World: 1800 to the Present   
PHIL 202 - M/World Religions & Contemporary Issues   
PHIL 218 - Philosophy of Religion   
SOCL 240 - S/Sociology of Religion   

The preceding list is only suggestive. Because the curricular offerings of the College undergo continual revision, some of these courses may no longer be offered in the future and new courses may be approved.

Students interested in the religious studies minor should refer to the Interdisciplinary Minors  section of this Bulletin. Additional information on pre-theological studies may be obtained from Dr. Carlo Filice (filice@geneseo.edu), Professor of Philosophy, Welles Hall 102D.