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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 305 - Field Methods in Linguistics

2020-2021 Catalog Year

Credit(s): 3
Lecture: 3
Non-Lecture: 0
This course provides theoretical and practical training in the methods that sociolinguists, applied linguists, and linguistic anthropologists use in the field to document language use in situ in communities of practice. Students learn about and gain practice with data collection and carry out an ethnographic project of their own design. Course topics include: the goals and ethical principles of ethnographic fieldwork, research design, participant observation, fieldnotes, photography, videography, and interviewing. Broadly speaking, this course teaches students to look and listen as a linguistic anthropologist, interpret what they see and hear, and share what they learn with an audience of their peers.

Prerequisite(s): ANTH 120  and ANTH 220  or permission of instructor.
Offered: Every Spring

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