May 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Alice Rutkowski, Chair
(Welles Hall 222 A)

HEGIS Code:1501.00 (English, Literature Track, B.A.), 1501.00 (English, Creative Writing Track, B.A.), 1501.01 (English, Adolescence Education: English, B.A.), 1503.00 (Comparative Literature, B.A.)

Honors and Awards

Natalie Selser Freed Memorial Scholarship - presented annually to a junior English major for top academic work.

William T. Beauchamp Memorial Award - presented to a graduating senior for “Outstanding Service to the Vitality of Literature on Campus.”

Rosalind R. Fisher Award - presented each year for outstanding achievement in student teaching in English.

Rita K. Gollin Scholarship For Excellence in American Literature - awarded annually to two students who have demonstrated excellence in the study of American Literature.

Hans Gottschalk Award - presented annually to a sophomore English major distinguished for integrity, intellectual curiosity, academic achievement and promise, and dedication.

Patricia Conrad Lindsay Memorial Award - presented annually to a senior in English for excellence in scholastic achievement and intellectual promise.

Joseph O’Brien Memorial Award - presented annually to a senior English major who has exhibited those attributes exemplified in the life and career of our colleague Joe O’Brien: a demonstrated record of academic excellence, a spirit of volunteerism, and a sterling moral character.

Writing Awards

John H. Parry Award for demonstrated ability in literary criticism

Irene E. Smith Award for outstanding performance in freshman writing

Lucy Harmon Award in Fiction

Agnes Rigney Award in Drama

Mary Thomas Award in Poetry

Jérôme de Romanet de Beaune Award for the best undergraduate essay on a topic in diversity studies.


English Department Bachelor of Arts Learning Outcomes

1)    The ability to read texts closely
2)    The ability to write clear and effective prose in accordance with conventions of standard English
3)    The ability to write analytically about texts in accordance with the conventions of textual criticism
4)    An understanding of how criticism as a practice gives rise to questions about how to conduct that practice, questions that are constitutive of the discipline: e.g., questions concerning what we should read, why we should read, and how we should read
5)    The ability to read texts in relation to history
6)    An understanding of how texts are related to social and cultural categories (e.g., race, ehtnicity, gender, sexuality, class, ability), enterprises (e.g., philosophy, science, and politics), and institutions (e.g., of religion, of education)
7)    An understanding of how language as a system and linguistic change over time inform literature as aesthetic object, expressive medium, and social document
8)    The ability to “join the conversation” that is always ongoing among critics and scholars regarding texts, authors, and topics engaging with secondary sources
9)    An in-depth understanding of a single author, a small group of authors, or a narowly-defined topic, theme, or issue
10)    An understanding of the differences between and the requirements of genre (Creative Writing Track)
11)    Knowledge of craft and technique in genres under study (Creative Writing Track)
12)    Proficiency at critiquing peer and published work (Creative Writing Track)
13)    Knowledge of elements, modes, and forms of chosen genre (Creative Writing Track)
14)    The ability to incorporate criticism into revision of creative work (Creative Writing Track)
15)    Proficiency at presenting work to readers in public readings, publication, or exhibits (Creative Writing Track)
16)    An understanding of the process of revision, submission, publication (Creative Writing Track)
17)    Knowledge of contemporary writers and literary journals (Creative Writing Track)


    Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Arts - Adolescence EducationMinor

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