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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletics and Recreation

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Michael Mooney, Director
(Merritt Athletic Center 213)

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation offers courses designed to address both individual interest and career aspirations of our students. The courses are grouped into specific categories based on the nature of the activity. Each course in the category has similar attributes necessary for success and enjoyment. The intent is to encourage students to find meaningful activities that will lead to life-long leisure pursuits.

The 100-level courses are introductory in nature and require no previous experience in the activity. The 200-level courses are advanced activity courses that require a general knowledge about the sport and a degree of proficiency in executing the skill required in the activity. The 300-level courses are theory courses that lead to Red Cross certification in first aid or the coaching requirements for the public schools in New York State.

All 100- and 200-level activity courses are graded on a Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory scale. A grade of “S” is equal to a “C-” or better on the college letter grading policy. Following is a list of courses offered by the Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Department. A course outline for each course is available in the department office.

H&PE 100 Introductory Level - Not offered on a regular basis
Conditioning Activities  
104 Conditioning 154 Aerobic Dance
105 Weight Training 155 Nautilus Fitness
108 Jogging    
  Outing Activities - not offered on regular basis
Racquet Sports 142 Ice Skating
116 Racquetball 144 Figure Skating
117 Squash 146 Downhill Skiing
118 Tennis 147 Cross Country Skiing
Individual Activities 148 Hiking and Backpacking
127 Golf - offered spring 149 Bicycling
H&PE 200 Advanced Level
203 Varsity Swimming* 235 Varsity Basketball*
208 Varsity Cross Country* 236 Varsity Lacrosse*
209 Varsity Track and Field* 237 Varsity Field Hockey*
210 Varsity Tennis* 238 Varsity Ice Hockey*
232 Varsity Softball* 240 Varsity Equestrian*
233 Varsity Volleyball*    
234 Varsity Soccer*    
*Varsity-related courses require instructor permission and earn up to a maximum of 4 credits over 4 years. Maximum of 10 semester h ours in H&PE courses. No more than 4 credits in activity courses.
H&PE 300 Theory - Not offered on a regular basis
302 Life Guard Training 353 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
303 Water Safety Instruction 354 Philosophy & Principles of Athletics -
350 Health & Safety Issues in the Schools 355 Coaching of
352 Responding to Emergencies    

Requirements for Coaching in the Public Schools of New York State

The New York State Education Department has approved the college’s offering, per Section 135.4 of the “Regulations of the Commissioner of Education,” a program of courses in coaching for teachers who do not have New York State certification in physical education. The program for which the college has received approval consists of a minimum of the following 9 credits:

1. H&PE 352 - Responding to Emergencies   2 credits
2. H&PE 353 - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries  (Prerequisite: H&PE 352 ) 3 credits
3. H&PE 354 - Philosophy and Principles of Athletics in Education  (Prerequisite: H&PE 352 ) 3 credits
4. H&PE 355 - Coaching: (subtitle)  (Prerequisite: H&PE 352 ) 1 credits

In addition to the above, the State Education Department requires that all persons applying for certificates must complete a workshop on the identification and reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for and to complete this workshop, and to submit to the college documentation indicating completion of the workshop.

Graduate credit for the coaching certification may be approved by the Dean of the Curriculum and Academic Services.

Upon satisfactory completion of the above sequence of courses and the workshop required by the state, the college will issue a Certificate of Achievement. In order to receive the Certificate, the applicant should present name, G00#, and permanent address to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation. Upon verification that the applicant received a grade of “C” or better in each of the courses, a certificate will be forwarded to the individual.

Intramurals and Recreation

The purpose of the intramural and recreation program is to provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of sports activities consistent with the goals to educate the whole person.

A variety of team and individual sports are offered in league and tournament play. The Intramural and Recreation Office also assists groups in planning special events and off campus outings.

Participation is open to all faculty, staff, and full-time students. In addition to the regularly scheduled intramural programs, the athletic and recreation facilities are available evenings and weekends, making it possible for students and faculty to engage in a wide variety of recreational activities. It is hoped that through involvement in the intramural and recreation programs students will develop regular patterns of physical activity, maintain good physical health, enhance their mental health, and learn skills that will be utilized throughout their lives.

Persons other than students, faculty and staff must pay for the use of athletic facilities with the exception of the workout center. For further information concerning the user fee policy, contact the Intramural and Recreation Office.

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

The Intercollegiate Athletic Program provides an opportunity for full-time students to compete in a wide variety of varsity sports. The following sports are available for men: basketball, cross country, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, indoor track, and outdoor track. The sports available for women include basketball, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, indoor track, outdoor track, tennis and volleyball. All student athletes should enroll in the college’s insurance program or provide the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics with evidence of personal health and accident insurance coverage. The college holds membership in the following associations:

College Sports Information Directores Association]
National Collegiate Athletic Association, Division III
United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association
National Athletic Trainers Association
National Intramural - Recreation Sports Association

State University of New York Athletic Conference

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