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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, B.A.

Program Learning Outcomes

1)  The student will demonstrate an advanced level of skill in one aspect of theatre production, performance or scholarship.
2)  The student will demonstrate the ability to relate theatre scholarship to theatre practice.
3)  The student will demonstrate the ability to responsibly collaborate with other theatre practitioners to produce artistic work.
4)  The student will demonstrate a substantial knowledge of dramatic literature, history and criticism.

General Education Requirements (30-46 Credits)

Prerequisite coursework may be required to satisfy certain General Education courses and will count as elective credit.

Total Credits Required to Complete Major: 43

Basic Requirements: (31 Credits)

Elective Requirement: - Select four from the following list (12 Credits)

(Students with particular interests in design, technical theatre, acting or directing should consult their advisors for guidance in the selection of Elective Requirements.)

Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C- or better is required for each of the following courses: all required courses, whether basic, elective, or focus.

Department Writing Requirement

All theatre majors write in all theatre courses, but the style and content of the writing varies widely based upon the course topic. Examples include journals, concept statements, dramatic fiction, production analyses, character analyses, and traditional research papers, such as one might find in any other course in the humanities. In the required theatre history sequence of four courses (THEA 202 , THEA 203 , THEA 204 , THEA 305 ), students write traditional research papers combining theatrical history with the study of dramatic literature and criticism. In the process, students learn to read primary and secondary sources closely, to conduct academic research, and to write essays with a well-argued thesis and properly documented sources.

Outline/Advising Guide

For Students who Matriculated prior to Fall 2022:

First Year

Fall (14 Credit Hours)

Spring (16 Credit Hours)

Second Year

Fall (16 Credit Hours)

Spring (14 Credit Hours)

Third Year

Fall (16 Credit Hours)

Spring (14 Credit Hours)

Fourth Year

Fall (15 Credit Hours)

Spring (15 Credit Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Where no prerequisites apply, some variation in the order or semester in which courses are taken is possible. Students should consult their academic advisors for additional information.