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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Initial Certification in Adolescence Education (7-12), B.A.

New York State initial certification for teaching an academic subject matter area in grades 7-12 must be earned by completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in a liberal arts discipline. Students who wish to obtain adolescence initial certification will normally enroll in Block I of this program during the Spring semester of the Sophomore year.

Programs offered:

  1. Biology, Adolescence Education: Biology & General Science, B.A.  
  2. Chemistry, Adolescence Education: Chemistry and General Science, B.A.  
  3. English, Adolescence Education: English, B.A.  
  4. French, Adolescence Education: French, B.A.  
  5. Geological Sciences, Adolescence Education: Earth Science and General Science, B.A.  
  6. History, Adolescence Education: Social Studies, B.A.  
  7. Mathematics, Adolescence Education: Mathematics, B.A.  
  8. Physics, Adolescence Education: Physics and General Science, B.A.  
  9. Spanish, Adolescence Education: Spanish, B.A.  

Refer to major department for 8 semester program outline/advising guide. Students who seek certification in one of those disciplines must complete the following requirements.

All students seeking initial certification in Adolescence Education must be declared certification students and apply and to be admitted to the School of Education. Please see college bulletin section: Admission to School of Education degree programs section or www.geneseo.edu/education/admissions for more information. Each block of courses has related practicum requirements. Placement for practica is facilitated by the Ella Chine Shear School of Education staff.

​”Commissioner’s Regulations CR 52.21, General Requirements (ii)(a) require all teacher candidates to study “a language other than English.” By meeting Geneseo’s requirement for such language study, all teacher candidates meet the NY certification requirement.”

Candidate Information and resume maybe required the semester prior to practicum placements. Candidates are responsible for their own transportation for all field experiences and student teaching.

Outline of Program Content

Blocks Required *(in sequence) for Adolescence Education: (34 Credits)




*Note: Students may not advance in blocks until all previous work is completed satisfactorily
**In the Review Process, a teacher candidate may be allowed one retake of a Student Teaching experience.

Related Requirements: (4 Credits)