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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Finance, B.S.

This major is based on an integrated core that provides all students with a deep foundation in markets, investments and operational corporate finance. Through the core and an extensive menu of approved electives, students acquire a combination of theoretical insights and practical modeling abilities that prepare them for entry-level positions in banking, investment services, personal financial planning and corporate financial management. This program relies on the guidance of professors and SUNY Geneseo graduates working in Finance to ensure that course content is timely, relevant and effective.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Goal 1: Our students will have strong analytical skills.

Learning Goal 2: Our students will have strong quantitative skills.  

Learning Goal 3: Our students will have effective communications skills.  

Learning Goal 4: Our students will have a thorough understanding of various functional areas of business. 

General Education Requirements (30-46 Credits)

Prerequisite coursework may be required to satisfy certain General Education courses and will count as elective credit.

Total Credits Required to Complete Major: 70

Related Requirements: (10 Credits)

Sample Program Outline/Advising Guide

For Students who Matriculated prior to Fall 2022:

First Year

Spring (15 Credits)

Second Year

Third Year

Fall (16 Credits)

Spring (16 Credits)

Fourth Year

Fall (15 Credits)

Spring (13 Credits)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Note: Where no prerequisites apply, some variation in the order or semester in which courses are taken is possible. Students should consult their academic advisors for additional information